Create a Quote Instructions

These are instructions for creating a custom quote in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace. All custom quotes for products or services must follow these instructions.

1) Obtain a Quote ID.

The Quote ID is a unique number enabling Buyers to easily search for this number to locate your quote.

The format of the Quote ID is:

[Your 9-digit Member ID]+[9-digit Number of seconds since January 1, 2000]

Your business Member ID is assigned to you by the eXcesS Capacity Administrator when you join.


to obtain the 9-digit Number of seconds since January 1, 2000

For example, if your Member ID is

100000000 and the number of seconds is 550189591, then the Quote ID is


When creating your Seller Quote listing you will enter this Quote ID into the Quote ID entry field.

2) Post a New Quote Listing.

Click on the "Post a new listing" button.

Select the "Quotes" category and "Get Your Quote" subcategory.

Format the "Listing title" field as follows

Quote_{Quote ID}

where the value of "{Quote ID}" is replaced with the derived Quote ID numeric value.

Following is a description template to be copied and pasted into the body of the “Detailed description” entry field when creating or updating a Seller Quote listing in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace. After you have copied and pasted the template, please update each —section— with your information and delete the text bounded by and including brackets “[” and “]”.

—Copy Description Template Begin—


[One paragraph describing the product or service being quoted.]

---Intended Audience---

This quotation has been produced for the Buyer who requested it. It is not intended for any other audience. If you are not the Buyer who requested this quotation, then please contact us requesting a separate quotation, which we will be happy to provide.

If you are the Buyer who requested this quotation, then click the "Contact" button and send the following message

"I am the Buyer who requested this quote. Please reply with quote documentation."

to request the quote documentation. After the Seller verifies you are the Buyer who requested the quote, the Seller will send to you, via the eXcesS Capacity internal messaging system, link(s) to folder(s) where you may access and download the requested quote documentation.


[To avoid any conflicts with you or your Buyer taking your transaction off of the eXcesS Capacity platform, we strongly suggest you do not post your phone number, email address or website address in your profile, Seller listing or comments. This is to protect you should any issues occur during and after your transaction with the Buyer. We suggest you send information such as your phone number and website address to your Buyer after they have contacted you via the the eXcesS Capacity internal messaging system, which retains a written history of your communications.]

Please click the “Contact” button to send us an email message requesting your quote. We’ll respond to your request soon.

After you receive your quote you may contact us with any questions. When you are prepared to proceed with the project please follow the payment instructions below.


[The Seller must state if the price specified in the eXcesS Capacity Quote Listing represents a partial quote payment amount (eg Payment 1 of ___) or a full quote payment amount (eg Payment 1 of 1). Once a listing has been created and an initial payment received by the Seller from the Buyer, then the same Quote Listing may be updated to accept subsequent payments from the Buyer.]

The Price stated in this Quote Listing is payment 1 of ___ total payments.

Click the "Buy" button to make your payment.


The quotation provided by the Seller is for estimation purposes and is not a guarantee of cost for products or services. The quotation is based upon the information provided by the Buyer to the Seller regarding project requirements. eXcesS Capacity merely facilitates the distribution of the quotation from the Seller to the intended Buyer and is neither liable nor bound by the content of the quotation.

—Terms and Conditions—

[Specify terms and conditions, such as quotation expiration date, etc.]


[Enter any search keywords which may be used to locate your listing.]

—Template Version—


—Copy Description Template End—

Enter appropriate information into the other listing data fields.

Click the "Save" button.


Copy the URL of the Quote Listing you created and send it to the Buyer via the eXcesS Capacity internal messaging system. This is how they will locate your quote and how you will be able to authenticate they are the Buyer when they contact you requesting your quotation documentation.

Price Per Unit Measure: per unit
Item Location State or Region: GA
System ID: P001 - Production System
Member ID: 100000000
Updated Date: Oct 17, 2020
Helpful in Disaster Recovery: Yes
Listing created Jun 10, 2017

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