Information about XSCapacity


About the eXcesS Capacity Community Marketplace

Mark Bruemmer conceived eXcesS Capacity as a marketplace where businesses rent, sell and buy underutilized resources. 

Marketplace members are Buyers and/or Sellers sharing their products and services with other trusted members of the eXcesS Capacity marketplace.

Each Seller listing is either a product or a service to rent or sell.
Click on the "Post a new listing" button to list a product or service.  If it is your first post, then the eXcesS Capacity administrator will request and verify your business credentials

Browse listings, review the details, contact the owner and initiate a rental or purchase via PayPal's or Stripe's secure payment system.

After your rental or purchase is completed, rate the Seller or Buyer and provide them feedback regarding your experience.  Genuine and honest feedback builds trust in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace.

Together we can help sellers gain revenue from their underutilized resources, buyers gain access to those resources and communities gain sustainability.

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