Information about XSCapacity

How it works

How it works

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Sign Up and join. It's FREE.

Step 2. Post a FREE Seller Listing of a product or service to rent or sell.

Step 3. Get Paid and Buy or Rent Items by Connecting 
your marketplace account to your PayPal and/or Stripe accounts. 

A. Fees

As a member of the eXcesS Capacity marketplace, you are a Buyer, a Seller or both.  As a Seller in the marketplace you may list products and services to rent and sell.  There are no fees to join the marketplace, to browse marketplace listings as a Buyer or to list items as a Seller.  The marketplace charges a 10% fee, plus PayPal's transaction fees if PayPal is the Seller's payment gateway, to the Seller when an item rents or sells.  

Click this link for an example of how fees work in a typical Buyer/Seller transaction.

B. Sign Up and Join (Step 1)

Click the Menu icon at the top left of this page, then click the "Sign Up" link, create your eXcesS Capacity marketplace account by entering your email address, first name, last name, password, accepting the Terms of Use and clicking on the "Create account" button, then go to your email inbox, select the email from Sharetribe and click the button to verify your email address.  

Update your profile with information about you and your business.  Click this link for a Profile template to copy, paste and update into the body of the "About you" entry field when updating your profile.     

C. Business Verification and Referrals

After you sign up, the eXcesS Capacity Administrator will email to you a link to an eXcesS Capacity Business Verification Form where you enter and submit your business credentials and who referred you.  

C.1. Verify Your Business Credentials

After reviewing and approving your business credentials the Administrator will update your account to allow posting of list items.  You will also receive an email with your Member ID, which is required to post listings to the marketplace.  There is one Member ID per business, so if you have others in your business registered as eXcesS Capacity members, then they share the Member ID for your business.           

C.2. Referral Incentive

In the eXcesS Capacity Business Verification Form enter the Member ID of the person who referred you.  They will receive a percentage of every eXcesS Capacity marketplace sales transaction and a percentage of every eXcesS Capacity marketplace purchase transaction affiliated with your business's Member ID.  Click this link for a description of the eXcesS Capacity referral incentive.  Likewise, you receive the referral incentive when the person you refer enters your business's Member ID in the eXcesS Capacity Business Verification Form after they join.  If you are referred multiple times, only the first, chronologically, valid referring Member ID receives the incentive.

To refer others to join the eXcesS Capacity marketplace, click here to access the "Invite new users" form.  Enter their email address(es) and copy and paste the following text into the "personal message" entry field, replacing nnnnnnnnn with your business's Member ID, then click the "Send invitation" button.

Join the eXcesS Capacity marketplace to earn money from idle resources, access resources you want, help the environment.  Refer others and earn a percentage of their sales!  My Member ID is nnnnnnnnn.
D. Post a FREE Seller Listing (Step 2)

D.1. Post a New Seller Listing

Click this link to complete a survey, which helps you itemize the underutilized resources in your business, and an eXcesS Capacity representative will contact you to help you in posting your Seller listing(s).  Otherwise, click this link to access a list of resources you might consider listing.     

Log in to your marketplace account, click on the "Post a new listing" button, click on the appropriate category, click on the appropriate subcategory and click on the appropriate listing type [See Note 1].  Enter information regarding your product or service.

Click this link for a description template to copy, paste and update into the body of the "Detailed description" entry field when creating or updating a Seller listing in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace.

You are required to enter your eXcesS Capacity Member ID, which the eXcesS Capacity Administrator sent to you after you joined the marketplace.   

Upload at least 3 high quality photos.  When accessing the marketplace from your smartphone, most smartphone applications will enable you to take photos and upload them directly.

Click the "Post Listing" button.

Approving your Seller Listing

After you post your listing it is submitted to the eXcesS Capacity Administrator to review.  After reviewing your pending listing, if it is approved by the eXcesS Capacity Administrator you are notified via your external email address that your listing is approved and your listing is then visible in the marketplace.  If it is not approved, then you are notified via your external email address of questions the eXcesS Capacity Administrator has regarding your listing and how to update your listing to resolve them.

The listing review process builds trust in the eXcesS Capacity community.  Click this link for details.

D.2. Update an Existing Seller Listing

To update any of your existing listings, Log in to your marketplace account, click on your profile, scroll down to view your open listings, click on the listing you want to edit, then click on the "Edit listing" link.  After editing your listing, click the "Post listing" button.     

E. Connect Your Marketplace Account to Your PayPal and Stripe Accounts (Step 3)

To authorize purchases or rentals as a Buyer you must have one of the following

  • a credit card 
  • a debit card 
  • a PayPal account (only if the Seller you want to purchase from allows PayPal as a payment option).

To receive funds as a Seller you must connect your marketplace account to one of the following 

  • a bank account
  • a PayPal account
  • both a bank account and a PayPal account 

Stripe is the default payment provider for your bank account.  You do not need a Stripe account.

If you do not have a PayPal account, click this link to details on how to create your free PayPal business account. 

Visit your account settings page, click on the "Payments" link and follow the instructions to connect your marketplace account to your bank account and/or your PayPal account.  

Click this link referencing "providers" instructions for details.

PayPal and Stripe Payment Processing Workflow

Sellers have 2 options in how and when they receive payments when selecting either PayPal, Stripe or both as their payment provider(s).  

PayPal Payment Workflow 

With PayPal a Seller receives payment, less the eXcesS Capacity administration fee + PayPal's transaction fees, from the Buyer after the Seller accepts a Buyer's payment authorization.  The Seller receives payment prior to the Seller exchanging the product or service with the Buyer.

Click this link for details on PayPal payment workflow.

Stripe Payment Workflow

With Stripe a Seller receives payment, less the eXcesS Capacity administration fee only, from the Buyer under one of the following conditions

  • the transaction is manually marked as completed by the buyer
  • the transaction is automatically marked as completed after 60 days (as defined by the marketplace administrator)
  • if the transaction was a calendar booking, the transaction is automatically marked as completed two days after the end date
  • 90 days have passed since the transaction request was accepted by the Seller

The Seller receives payment after the Seller's product or service is exchanged with the Buyer, unless the Buyer manually marks the transaction completed prior to receiving the Seller's product or service.

Click this link for details on Stripe payment workflow.  

Click this link for a description of delaying payments using Stripe.

F. Browsing and Searching the Marketplace

To browse marketplace listings 

  • Select the applicable listing type from the dropdown menu on the left of the page.

  • Click on the category and subcategory links on the left of the page.

To filter your marketplace search criteria 

  • Enter your search keywords and/or location information into the keyword and location fields in the search bar at the top of the page. For example, if you only want to search listings for a particular member, type the Member ID into the keyword field of the search bar and click the search icon. To perform another search make sure to clear your entries and click the search icon.

  • Click on one or more checkboxes and/or other controls and click the "Update view" button on the left of the page. Reset controls and click the "Update view" button to reset the filter.  Clicking the eXcesS Capacity logo at the top left of any page clears all filter settings.  

Click this link for more information on how Sharetribe's search function works.  

G. Share Listings on Social Media

At the bottom of each listing click on the buttons to share the listing via social media to Facebook and Twitter.  Some listings have links to share your listing via a post or message in other social media networks such as Linkedin.  This broadcasts the listing to a larger audience increasing opportunities for locating an interested Buyer.  If you are aware of a business that could use the list item, then forward to them a link to the listing via social media.

H. Tell Us What You Want

Click this link to access a form where you may tell us what products and services your business wants either to rent or buy.  Only members of the eXcesS Capacity marketplace may submit a request.  After you submit the form, you are emailed a confirmation message with a "Wanted Tag" and a link to your request posted in the marketplace.  Prospective Sellers may then view your request and post one or more Seller items matching your requirements.  You may then contact Sellers directly. 

I. Post a Business Process

Members may post a Business Process, listed in the "Business Process" category, containing zero or more links to Seller list items ordered sequentially.  Authors of a Business Process set a fee for providing additional products and/or services, oversight, consultation and management of the process.

For example, Steven defines a business process that includes these 2 Seller list items

  • I.1. Receiving inventory, unpacking, quality inspection and storing product in a local warehouse.

  • I.2. Picking, labeling and packing product.

For an additional fee Steven with proper notification will work with the Seller(s) and using his truck will guarantee delivery within a 50 mile radius of the warehouse location.

Kim, also a member of the eXcesS Capacity marketplace, posts a business process in which she utilizes the services of the Seller of I.1. in combination with Fulfillment By Amazon. For this she charges a fee for monitoring the entire process.

[1] If it is not obvious as to which category and subcategory your Seller listing are posted, then click this link to contact the Administrator with the following message

"Please relocate my listing to the following category and subcategory 

1) Category (eg "Equipment" or "{Your Suggested Category Name}") 
2) Subcategory (eg "Cranes" or "{Your Suggested Subcategory Name}") 
3) URL of the listing you created, for example in the "Other" subcategory (eg"

The Administrator may correspond with you to suggest either an existing category/subcategory where to post your listing or other name(s) for a category/subcategory which the Administrator creates.   

After relocating the listing, the Administrator notifies you which category and subcategory your listing appears.   

---More Detailed Workflow Information---

Click this link to access a spreadsheet detailing workflows within XSCapacity.

---Contact Us---

Click this link to contact us if you have any questions.

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