Preview 40ft Standard Shipping Container Wind and Watertight

Preview 40ft Standard Shipping Container Wind and Watertight (WWT) for sale in Savannah, GA.

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This is a test preview listing only.

—Availability Calendar—

24 hours per day
7 days per week


40ft Standard Shipping Container

Inside Length 39ft 5in
Inside Width 7ft 8in
Inside Height 7ft 10in
Door Width 7ft 8in
Door Height 7ft 6in
Capacity 2,390 ft3
Tare Weight 8,160 lb
Max. Cargo 59,040 lb

Certified Pre-owned
Guaranteed Wind and Watertight and Weatherproof
30-day money back guarantee*
Incredible 5 year leak warranty
No hassle pricing

—Terms and Conditions—

Payment in full via PayPal is required prior to pick up.

—Pick Up or Shipping—

Price includes delivery to Savannah, GA 31405.

The buyer may

1) Arrange to pick up the container(s) at the Seller's location at no additional charge.


2) Have the Seller quote a price to transport the container(s) to the Buyer's location. The Buyer will send a message to the Seller with address(es) of the destination location(s). The Buyer is billed separately for the transportation costs. Nationwide delivery is available.


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Here's a video of what is possible with your 40ft shipping container.


Precio por Unidad de Medida: por artículo
Precio Incluye:
No Hay Entrega
Sin Retorno
No Aplica
Ubicación del Estado o Región: GA
Producto o Servicio: Producto
Alquiler o Venta: Venta
ID del Sistema: T001 - Sistema de Pruebas Unitarias
Identificación de miembro: 50000000
Fecha Actualizada: 3 dic 2019
condición: Usado
Tamaño de Contenedor: 40 Pie
Tipos de Contenedores: Estándar
Clasificación de Contenedores: Viento y Estanco
Anuncio creado el 11 oct 2019

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