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Wood Ash for sale per short ton in Waycross, Georgia.

—Availability Calendar—

Wood ash product is available for pickup during normal business hours. Please contact us to confirm availability and to schedule pickup dates and times.


Wood ash is composed of 60 to 70 percent Southern Yellow Pine with the remainder possibly hardwood/bark. Wood ash samples for diagnostic testing can be provided. Also, a wood ash diagnostic test report from 2011 is available.

Wood ash is stored in one or more 20 ton roll-off open top containers.

2,020 short tons of wood ash was hauled out of this facility in 2017.

—Terms and Conditions—

Buyer must provide container(s), preferably one or more 20 ton roll-off containers, lined with plastic sheeting to prevent leakage into which the wood ash is placed.

Buyer must transport container(s) to and from the Seller's plant location.

The system of record to weigh the wood ash byproduct will be via the Seller's certified truck scales.

[Specific terms and conditions, including checkin and checkout procedures, will be listed here.]

—Pick Up or Shipping—

Roll-off container(s) must be removed and replaced by the Buyer with an empty container(s) according to 1) an agreed upon schedule with the Seller or 2) when the container is full the Seller will notify Buyer to pick up.


Please click the “Contact” button to send us an email message. We’ll respond to your request soon.


Southern Yellow Pine

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