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Landscape architecture design services in Savannah, GA.


Whether your landscape design needs are upscale or down-home, residential or commercial, we create on most any scale and within most any budget. From mailboxes to master plans, from the coastal plain of Georgia and the Low Country to the mountains of North Carolina, we specialize in the creative use of native plants amid traditional Southern favorites; innovative stormwater recovery and management; regionally-astute hardscape design; outdoor living spaces; and custom architectural detailing.

—Availability Calendar—

Our availability will depend upon the scope and deliverables of your project. Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation.


Our process includes

. Predesign
. Site Inventory and Analysis
. Preliminary Design Response
. Design Development
. Cost Estimates
. Construction Documents
. Bidding and Implementation
. Project Management
. Post-Construction Evaluation & Maintenance

Your project requirements may include all or a subset of these processes.

—Terms and Conditions—

The price stated in this listing is an hourly rate. Based upon the project details you provide us we will reply via the eXcesS Capacity messaging system with a quote for the number of hours required to complete your project at the stated hourly rate.


Please click the “Contact” button to send us an email message with details of your project. We’ll respond to your request soon.


Landscape Architect
Landscape Contractor
Landscape Design
Project Management
Site Observation

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