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Commercial Composting Service in Savannah, GA


We offer a commercial compost pick up service in the Savannah, GA area for volumes up to 150 gallons per month. For higher volumes please contact us for a custom quotation.


How will my business benefit from diverting food waste?

Food waste is an essential element of a healthy compost pile. By separating your organic materials and placing them in our bins you are taking part in creating a locally mixed and maintained soil amendment. We do the collection, the mixing, the maintenance, and end up creating a biologically active soil amendment that can be used to grow food. Instead of sending food waste to a landfill you are putting it to good use in a system built around resource management and soil development.

What size bins do you offer?

We have a variety of sizes available and will discuss which option is best suited for your location. We have 2 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon, 10 gallon, and 30 gallon buckets and bins.

Do the bins/buckets smell when kept indoors?

We recommend that you store the buckets near to where you store your trash bins for ease of separation (food waste from landfill waste). The buckets are cleaned between every pick up with a non toxic solution to ensure they are odor free.

How often do you pick up?

We pick up twice per week. Typically Monday and Thursday. If this schedule does not fit your business we are willing to make arrangements.

Do we get any of the finished soil amendment?

Yes, of course! Once your restaurant has diverted 2,000 gallons of raw food waste we will give you a share of our healthy soil amendment for you to use as you please. If you or your employees do not have a use for the soil we are happy to donate it to a community garden on your behalf.

What goes into the bucket?

Yes: fruits & veggies, grains & breads, teabags, coffee grounds & filters, nut & egg shells, flowers, leaves, straw, shredded newspaper, wood chips
No: seafood, meats, bones, dairy, styrofoam or cardboard, chemicals or plastics, fats or oils

Click the link below to view and download our helpful Should You Compost It Graphic

When does it get picked up?

We will work that out with you based on your address and our pick up zones. Once per week is standard. You simply leave your full bucket on the doorstep and we replace it with an empty one. We clean the buckets after every pick up with a non toxic solution that will keep your food waste receptacle fresh and odor free.

Where do I keep the bucket?

That is up to you. Under the sink is an option. Next to your recycling bin and trash bin is another option. Wherever you keep it do not worry about it smelling “funky” we will provide a liner for the bucket. When shut properly the lids have a great seal and will keep potential odors at bay.

Do I get finished soil amendment for participating?

Yes indeed! You will be given monthly updates regarding the poundage that has been diverted from your residence. Once per quarter you will receive a share of biologically active soil amendment for you to use in your garden, potted plants, or for you to donate to a community garden.


Please click the "Contact" button to send us a message. We look forward to working with you.

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