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Collector's model cars and racing memorabilia for sale in Savannah, GA.


An avid racing fan wants to part with 800+ model cars and valuable memorabilia from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s including

model cars





.....and more

Some of these items are autographed by racing car drivers such as Dale Earnhardt.

This collector has invested over $125,000 in these items. He is willing to part with the entire lot for $30,000.

If you are a collector, this lot will add substantially to your collection. If you are interested in reselling all or part of this collection, you will offer your customers some very valuable items.

---3 Lots---

To process your payment via PayPal, we have partitioned this entire lot into 3 separate lot sizes of $10,000 each. To complete this trade you'll also have to submit purchase requests for the following items

Please click the "Contact" button to send an email message to the Seller.

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