The Foundery Coffee Pub is available for rent for your event.

For centuries, the “pub” (short for public house) has been the center of community-life in England. The Foundery Coffee Pub serves locally roasted coffee instead of alcohol, but retains the same anchors of community-life and creative interaction typically found in a neighborhood pub.

---Availability Calendar---

Conveniently located at 1313 Habersham Street, Savannah, GA 31405, The Foundery Coffee Pub is available to host events the following dates and times:

__ / __ / 17 00:00pm to 00:00pm
__ / __ / 17 00:00pm to 00:00pm
__ / __ / 17 00:00pm to 00:00pm
__ / __ / 17 00:00pm to 00:00pm
__ / __ / 17 00:00pm to 00:00pm


click on the following link to our Google calendar for available dates and times:


Front Room __ ft x __ ft
Back Room __ ft x __ ft

Serving Bar in the Front Room.

---Advance Notice---

We ask that you give us at least ___ days/hours advance notice of your event.


Please visit our eXcesS Capacity listing at:

for catering services and pricing.


Please contact Kevin or Jeremiah by clicking on the "Contact" button and sending us an email message.

We look forward to hosting you at The Foundery.

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