Creative Coast Support Services

Creative Coast Support Services.

Part-time services to support The Creative Coast in Savannah, GA.

—Availability Calendar—

This position covers 10 hours maximum per week on a flexible negotiated schedule during normal business hours, except when the office is closed, at The Creative Coast.

Normal business hours

Mon to Fri 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.


Greet visitors.
Answer questions.
Order supplies and restocks as necessary.

—Terms and Conditions—

Service hours may vary from the above Availability Calendar depending upon Mark's schedule. Mark will give at least 2 days advance notice to The Creative Coast Executive Director of any revisions to this schedule.

Mark logs his service hours into The Creative Coast Clockify software application at this link

The Creative Coast Executive Director, the Buyer, generates a weekly summary report of Mark's total hours and services rendered. This total hours amount is rounded to the nearest integer and entered in this eXcesS Capacity listing.

Payment via the PayPal payment gateway by the Buyer to Mark, for his services rendered at The Creative Coast, is due weekly via this eXcesS Capacity listing.


Please click the “Contact” button to send us an email message. We’ll respond to your request soon.


Creative Coast


"Savannah's got GRIT" video produced by The Creative Coast.

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