Bartender Services

Bartender Services available at Savannah Elks Lodge 183 in Savannah, GA.

The price listed is for one bartender to serve customers in the bar area at the Savannah Elks Lodge 183 for the duration of your event.

—Availability Calendar—

Please contact us to confirm availability.


A bartender is available for Savannah Elks Lodge 183 functions only.

One bartender per 100 guests.

This request must accompany a request to reserve space at the Savannah Elks Lodge 183.

—Terms and Conditions—

Contact us [see —Contact— section below] and we will respond with a rental agreement stating the full terms and conditions.


Please click the “Contact” button to send us an email message with the following details

1) Type of event.

2) The number of people attending the event.

3) Date and time the event starts.

4) Date and time the event ends.

5) A link to the URL in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace where you submitted your request to reserve a space at Savannah Elks Lodge 183.

We’ll respond to your request soon.

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