Wanted Products for Rent or Sale List 00002

This is a list of items wanted by XSCapacity marketplace members or others in their network.


If you are unable to locate the resource you want in the marketplace, then click on this list item link to "Tell Us What You Want"


After you submit your "Tell Us What You Want" resource request, your "Want" request will appear on a "Wanted List", similar to this one, accompanied by a "Wanted Tag".

Suppliers having a resource you want will post a Seller list item with the same "Wanted Tag" in the description. You can then search the marketplace for the "Wanted Tag" to locate a Seller listing containing the resource you want. More than one Seller may have posted a Seller list item with your "Wanted Tag". You may then contact a Seller via a Seller list item.

Please be cautious when anyone contacts you asking to conduct your transaction off of the eXcesS Capacity platform.



Wanted Tag 1701192138590001

For rent or sale. Water truck. Freightliner preferred. Must be 2013 or later.




If you have a resource on this "wanted" list, then post a Seller list item, containing details of your product, with the applicable "Wanted Tag" included in the description. Requesters will search for and also be notified of your Seller item post and will contact you if interested.



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