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Graphic Facilitation Services in Savannah, GA and Worldwide.

Graphic recording—also known as graphic facilitation—is the visual element that is needed and often missing from many meetings, workshops, and events today. Businesses and organizations spend lots of time meeting, planning, and talking about big ideas, but, as soon as the meeting is over, people soon forget a lot of what was said and fall back into routine.

A graphic recorder is present throughout the meeting, listening and capturing the activity and content on a large piece of paper on the wall. When the meeting is over, the wallpaper can be photographed or hung on display to serve as memorable documentation for participants and even people who were not able to be present for the meeting.

---Description of Services---

. Live Recording of Events of any kind: guest speakers, lectures, presentations, panel discussions, town hall meetings, political forums, keynote speeches, conferences, world cafés, workshops, conference calls, trainings, TED talks—anywhere information is exchanged.

. InkyBrittany accompanies organizations and businesses in Board/Staff Retreats and Strategic Visioning Sessions. She does not LEAD the meeting but is like a silent partner in the room recording the dialogue, occasionally asking clarifying questions.

. Some grant applications include an option to include a visual element with the request for funding. An InkyBrittany graphic is a great way to capture the pieces of such a proposal.

. InkyBrittany has recorded many Special Events and created several Commemorative Murals for weddings, anniversary celebrations, musicals, birthday parties, restaurants, and even memorial services for the deceased.

. Using the tools of Person-centered planning, InkyBrittany can help come up with the vision for bright and meaningful futures for people with disabilities and their families and supporters.


InkyBrittany has an hourly rate shown above. Travel expenses are additional if out-of-town travel is involved.

This rate includes

. Materials

. The time it takes to plan and prepare

. Time spent live recording

. Follow up after the meeting (editing of images, implementing feedback, using images on social media or website, etc.)

. All original images

. Unlimited redistribution rights (with attribution)


Please click on the "Contact" button to send me a message. I look forward to working with you.

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