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Tell Us What You Want


Use this form to tell eXcesS Capacity what resource(s) your business wants. You must also provide your eXcesS Capacity member profile link, the primary email address in your profile and your eXcesS Capacity Member ID.

You'll then receive an email message with your "Wanted Tag", a unique ID associated with your "want" request. Your information will be posted to a "You Told Us You Want" list item with your "Wanted Tag". It may also appear as a "Wanted" list item in an appropriate category/subcategory.

Seller(s) may then post list item(s) which include your "Wanted Tag". You may then search for Seller(s) having listings matching your "Wanted Tag" and contact them directly.

---Tell Us What You Want Data Entry Form---

Click here to access a Google form and "Tell Us What You Want". If there's a photo on the web of the item you want, then please include the URL of the photo in the form.

You do not have to have a Google account to complete and submit the form.

---New Member Sign Up---

To receive your eXcesS Capacity Member ID, click here and follow instructions on how to join the marketplace.

---You Told Us You Want---

After you submit your "want" request, it will be posted as a list item in the "You Told Us You Want" category. It may also be posted as a "Wanted" listing in the applicable category/subcategory.

---All Wanted Listings---

Click here to access all "Wanted" listings.

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