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Serfilco pumps for sale in Savannah, GA.

Each pump retails for $1316.

You may take both of these new pumps for $1000.



Item number: P-51-6331-F1

Description: 1-1/2X1MPLCR3C-D1.0, 1hp 208-230/460/3/60

Efficient and Dependable, Trouble-Free Performance


Material: PP, PVDF
Performance: 10-70 gpm
• Flows to 70 gpm or 56 ft. TDH @ 60 Hz (220 LPM or 12m @ 50 Hz)
• Non-metallic solution contact Glass reinforced PP or carbon reinforced PVDF
• Extended dry run Unique design helps prevent pump damage
• Powerful rare-earth magnets Provide sure coupling to 1.6 S.G. @ 30 CPS
• Connections NPT or BSP Optional: 1/4" NPT drain
• Accepts standard motors NEMA or IEC metric

Series 'M' Magnetic-Coupled Pumps are seal-less and "leak-proof", providing total solution and vapor containment. They are available in two different materials of construction for a wide range of chemical and temperature compatibility.
The relationship of the impeller magnet to the liner reflects an advanced design which allows extended operation at dry run or during loss of prime without causing damage to the pump. The impeller head is separate from the impeller magnet hub for field intechangeability.
The mouth ring design eliminates the need for a front thrust washer.

By using rare-earth magnets, this pump provides flow and pressure equal to that of a physically much larger pump. This powerful coupling allows the pump to operate at full flow with the full size impeller while handling liquids up to 1.6 S.G. @ 30 CPS.

The balanced magnetic field eliminates loading on bearing surfaces, thus providing an extended life span of the bushing compared to that of other magnetic coupled pumps. The fluted bushing provides positive internal liquid circulation/flush along the shaft spindle. These pumps utilize a high-purity silica-free ceramic stubshaft which eliminates breakage and is compatible with fluoride solutions.

Standard models are constructed of chemically coupled, glass- reinforced PP or carbon-reinforced PVDF for suction casing, impellermagnet assembly and liner. The casing O-Ring is FKM. The spindle bushing is carbon with a flush groove for positive lubrication. The spindle, thrust button and mouth ring are high purity, fluoride resistant ceramic. The "thrust ring" is carbon filled PTFE.

External fasteners are SS304. The inlet and outlet are designed to accommodate an O-Ring to provide a leak tight seal at these connections. The pump casing includes a blind boss for the 1/4" NPT drain (optional). The inlet O.D. on the 1 1/2 x 1 model will accommodate a 150mm I.D. socket flange. Maximum pump pressure is 65psi (4.4 BAR). Pumps operating at all flow curves are capable of handling solutions of 1.6 S.G. at 75°F (24°C) with maximum 30 CPS. motors are NEMA 56C face, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP continuous duty. Single phase motors are supplied with an 8ft (2.4m) 3-wire cord and plug. Three phase motors are not supplied with cord or plug.






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