251 Project 042 Wall and Ceiling Repair Services.

This is compensation for providing wall, ceiling and trim repair services at "251" in the Stairwell which includes completion of all of the following tasks.

---Stairwell Wall, Ceiling and Trim Repair Tasks---

. Replace and install 90 degree angle metal piece.
. Replace and install crown molding pieces.
. Spackle wall areas as necessary.
. Spackle rough ceiling areas as necessary.
. Sand spackled wall and ceiling areas.
. Paint sanded wall areas with matching color antique white paint.
. Paint sanded ceiling areas with white ceiling paint.

---Stairwell Wall, Ceiling and Trim Repair Compensation---

The maximum compensation at $12.50/unit is capped at $200.00. Seller receives the number of units, at the equivalent rate of $25/hour, which Seller quotes Buyer after work is completed.

---Product(s), Material(s) and Other Relevant Expense(s) Reimbursement---

Receipts for cost of materials and other non-direct labor expenses are "submitted to 251 Owner" separately via the eXcesS Capacity marketplace as Seller listings posted with the following parameters

Category "Quotes"
Subcategory "Get Your Quote"
Listing Type "Selling Products"

Listing Title "251 Project {NNN} {project name} Expense Receipts"

Price $1.00 per unit

and upload photo image(s) of product expense receipt(s) with each applicable Seller listing.

Price Per Unit Measure: per item
Item Location State or Region: SC
Product or Service: Service
For Rent or Sale: Rent
System ID: P001 - Production System
Member ID: 100000123
Updated Date: {current date}
Updated By: {URL of your eXcesS Capacity marketplace profile}
Helpful in Disaster Recovery: Yes

Reference the following listing
for parameter settings and description template.

In addition, add the following in the description

"Total value of expense receipts in this listing is {$n,nnn.nn}"

NOTE. Since the marketplace charges the Seller the 10% fee, "251 Owner" (Buyer) will reimburse the Seller for their total expenses as follows

((Total value of expense receipts {$n,nnn.nn})/.90) ROUNDED UP = Number of Units (at $1 per unit).

Version 1.00 Updated 12/09/22

Preis pro Maßeinheit: pro Einheit
Artikelstandort Bundesstaat oder Region: SC
Produkt oder Dienstleistung: Dienstleistung
Für Miete oder Verkauf: Miete
System-ID: P001 - Produktionssystem
Mitgliedsnummer: 100000123
Neues Datum: 9 Dez 2022
Hilfreich bei Disaster Recovery: Ja
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 9 Dez 2022

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