60 inch Accumulation Rotary Table Machine for Sale.

60 inch Accumulation Rotary Table Machine for Sale.

This stainless steel rotary table is made to unscramble and accumulate products such as bottles and other products. This turntable, usually located at the end of a production process, feeds bottles and other products into production line equipment including filling machines, labeling machines, capping machines and other types of manufacturing equipment.


Table Diameter
. 60”

Table Height
. 33.5”

Support Frame
. 31.5” x 31.5”

—Terms and Conditions—

The machine is sold as is with no warranties.

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You may elect to either

  1. Pick up the machine from our office in Savannah, GA during normal work hours or

  2. Separately arrange to have the machine shipped to your location.

—Availability Calendar—

We are available

Mon to Sun 9 am to 9 pm

to respond to your request via the eXcesS Capacity email system. See contact information below.


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Generic video on how an industrial rotary accumulation turntable works.

Generic video of a bottling rotary accumulation table.

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