PhoenixDPC Direct P Care Registration Fee


One time registration fee per patient for PhoenixDPC.

New members must purchase this one time registration fee per patient to join PhoenixDPC. There is a max of $198.00 per family.

Please reference our listing:

This one time registration fee accompanies an affordable monthly fee of $59 - $99 in return for unlimited, unhurried office visits and predictable costs.


Same Day Or Next Day Appointments

Quick And Easy 24/7 Access To Physician Via Phone, Text Or Email

Unlimited Number of Office Visits

Extended Office Visits In Relaxed Atmosphere

Decreased To No Wait Time At The Office

No Deductible, Copay Or Co-Insurance

Access To Rebates On Labs

Access To Medication Rebates

Simple Pricing Structure With 100% Billing & Cost Transparency

Capped Patient Population For Better Service

Face Time Or Virtual Visits

Comprehensive Annual Physical ​

Included Free Annual Labs: A1C, Lipids, Glucose, CBC, CMP, PSA And TSH

ABI (Diabetics)

Spirometry (Breathing Test)


Routine GYN Exam + Pap Smear

Weight Loss Management

Skin Biopsies, Freezing Of Skin Lesions, Skin Tag Removal

Joint Injections & Woundcare

Allergy Testing And In-Home Sleep Studies Offered At Discounted Prices

...and more

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This is a non-refundable registration fee due when you sign up and subscribe to one of our healthcare services subscriptions.

[Please reference our Phoenix DPC membership listings in the Direct Primary Care category

for the various memberships we offer.]


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Direct Primary Care



Internal Medicine

Laboratory Tests





Primary Care


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